12-02: Procedures Related to the Submission and Resolution of Complaints

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes and Annual Meeting Minutes

Copies of Board of Directors Meeting minutes and Annual Meeting minutes are available by contacting the Community Manager.

12-01: Regarding Policies and Procedures for Responding to Requests for Examination and Copying of the Association's Records

17-01: Architectural and Environmental Guidelines and Regulations


Heritage Square Homes Association

Established 1972 ~ Burke, Virginia

07-13: Relating to Motor Vehicles and Parking

Architectural Change Application

Policy Resolutions

The following are some of the most important HSHA policy resolutions.  The complete set of policy resolutions is included in the resale package at the time that the home is purchased, and is later supplemented with new and revised resolutions mailed to homeowners by the management company.

Fairfax County Easement Request (posted 09/14/2020)

Fairfax County Easement Request

Association Governing Documents

These documents are included in the resale package that is provided to each homeowner at the time that they purchase their home.  Please note that the Association is posting a copy of the governing documents here as a convenience to members and for informational purposes.  To the extent that any version of a recorded document differs from the one posted here, it is the recorded document that is controlling.